Monday, 3 June 2013

Journey of my 1st Pink Diary.....till #CloudBlogathon

Inhibitions are a characteristics that a lot of us kneed like a small plant in our garden.
A kind of mindset that a lot of us build, brick by brick, including me. Blogging had been my passion from so early in life, that I don't exactly remember when I started, I had spent a lot of my growing up years writing letters to myself from a very early age. These letters contained my dreams, aspirations, love, hatred and frustrations.
I remember being caught by my mother with small paper cut scribbled that described a moment that had passed my mind. At times, it sounded like small notes that a girl would pass on to someone, sometimes they were addressed to anonymous, most of the time they were descriptions of how my heart feels about an occurrence. My parents were always worried about my lack of too many friends, since I grew up in remote places of the country with not a lot of children around. Nature was my friend.

I often spoke to pebbles that are stuck by the flowing stream and addressed them as luckier than me, since they get to be there all the time. It was then I got my 1st pink diary. My scribbles continued and gradually got lengthy and descriptive. I did not realize when it became a part of my daily paraphernalia. And buying notebooks and diaries another hobby. I always believed that writing is a personal venting place.

Situations that do not allow to speak out or address is easily given a shape by being written down. Places we visit do not complete the frame with the photographs we bring back and the memories we  preserve, writing them plays a role as well. An experience with people we meet, places we see, food we taste, party we crash, friends we make, relationships we keep up to and love to gain or loose- everything can be addressed, preserved and turned into a memoir through writing.

The notebook took its toll and changed in an online diary which later transformed into a blog page. But my inhibition of maintaining the personal tagline to it never changed. With online blogging, I generally became comfortable with sharing my blogs to unknown faces behind other blogs, I read theirs and shared mine. Few more time passed when I finally went ahead to share my blogs to all platforms and all the known and the unknown faces of the blogadom at #CloudBlogathon.

Till today when, with Indiblogger, I met about 200 odd fellow bloggers face to face. This has been the 1st blogger meet for me. I was ecstatic, overjoyed and  nostalgic since this has been a very long journey. This was an unplanned one, never did I think in my wildest fantasy that there would be a day when the scribbles and small notes would take a turn to meet a 200 odd people who had also had a similar journey like mine. This had been a pleasant turn and someday....yes, someday I would look back to this day as a stepping stone to listen to ripples of the water where the pebbles happily lie.


  1. hi sohni!!

    i so get your progress. i used to write letters to myself all the time too! (i still do, except these days it's short comes along with a gift ^_*)

    it was lovely to meet up with you guys, i didnt half expect to have half as much fun as i did. thank you for the great company & catch with u next time as well...


  2. Ohh! didnt know it was ur 1st meet! Compared 2 the previous ones It wa not so organized bt then i liked it more as we got more time 2 get ru-b-ru with other bloggers :)